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Why I do Fit2Box Channel...

I would like to start off by Thanking Everyone that watches or has ever watched Fit2box Channel,

I am massively grateful of your support and kind words.

I started the Channel to help people get better Boxing equipment for THEM.

I don't do the channel for money, to become a 'celebrity' or for free gear, I genuinely do it to help Boxers make more informed decisions about the gear the buy.


Yes my reviews are positive, I’m a positive person!


I know that I would probably get MORE views if I NEGATIVELY slated brands and gear, it’s easy to be negative on social media but I choose the more positive path.....

I do get criticism for this but I make no apology for keeping the channel positive.


In my reviews I aim to show viewers as much extra information as I can to help the viewer MAKE THEIR OWN MIND UP. I cannot recommend the perfect glove/equipment for everyone 

 - I am different size to other people height/weight

 - Have different sized hands

 - Different feet to others 

But I try to provide as much information visually and with commentary on the videos that I can. I will point out areas that could be improved and I do try to keep a balanced, unbiased and honest view of the items I review.

Appearing on Fit2box channel was in the first two or three years of the channel a ‘Seal of my approval’

But now through my Fit2Box Ratings cards and divisions I am able to rank the gear now, so viewers can clearly see what equipment I think is poor and what I consider to be ' The Best' 

If a Company appears on my channel, I rate their gear but I also monitor their service, if  a viewer buys a product on the back of one of my videos, then I fully expect that company to look after my viewer when it comes to customer care and service.

If I find out that a company/brand is falling short of what I expect I have no hesitation in pulling a video from my channel, as I have done already. The last thing I want is for a viewer to have a bad experience on the back of my recommendation.


I would NEVER mislead or deceive my viewers they (you) mean to much to me🏼.


I am NOT paid by ANY brand or company to do a review- the Brands will confirm this.

Brands CANNOT send me free gear and get a glowing review and me keeping gear is NEVER a condition

of me doing a Review.


MANY brands will confirm that I go back with feedback on ways to improve their gear (for free I might add)

AND RETURN the gear back to the companies unless they state otherwise. (Sometimes the companies take on board the feedback and return with improved gear, sometimes they are offended- my intention is not to offend only to help them improve their gear)


The reason I set up the channel in the first place to help people buy better boxing equipment and anyone who thinks that I do this channel for the money is mistaken.

The amount of hours I put into create content:

 - testing everything

 - Researching

 - Filming

 - Editing

There are a LOT of easier ways to earn money


I try to answer as many comments as I possibly can, as the channel gets bigger I do sometimes refer viewers to videos or my website Rankings (Not to gain views/clicks but the answer is in there, otherwise what’s the point in me doing the video)

As the channel is getting busier and busier, sending a link to a video or to a particular page on my website will answer the question quicker than me typing out the answer.




Always have (although in the early days of the channel, I never used to film the testing but it still DID Happen)

People in my Amateur gym  (Telford ABC) know this, as they sometimes help in that testing process but I do now include footage NOT for any other reason other than to show that I do in fact test the gear, I’m not just reviewing gear straight out the packet. (which would be ridiculous)

If viewers want to see perfect boxers and boxing then there is plenty of top professionals out there.

The ‘in gym’ footage in my videos is solely to show viewers that I have spent the time to test prior to review.

People who know me know my honesty and integrity is at the core of everything I do.



The channel has evolved over time (and continues to evolve) it’s been 5 years and hundreds of videos since I started the channel, hopefully my videos have improved over that time. I do cringe at some of the early ones!


I constantly try to come up with ideas to entertain viewers and hopefully that comes across in my videos.

Hard as it is for some cynical quarters to understand, I genuinely do this channel to help people make

better equipment choices FOR THEM. I DO NOT do the channel for Money or FREE GEAR

I Truly hope you enjoy my videos, and get from them what you need to make better equipment choices for YOU. If You Like or Love my videos please tell as many people as you can.

Once again Thanks for watching My Channel


And I will Speak to you soon



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