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About Fit2Box Channel

Hello and welcome to Fit2Box Channel.

My name is Simon and I set up Fit2Box Channel to help people make more informed decisions when buying their Boxing Equipment.


Boxing is my passion and equipment is my area of expertise.

My reviews are honest, unbiased and informative, to give my viewers my take on the best Boxing equipment available, whatever your budget. I am totally independent and don't receive any payment for any reviews, I do it for the love of the sport and to help people make the right choices for them.

My videos have evolved over the years as I continuously strive to improve my video presentation for the best viewer experience.

This website has been set up to help you navigate more easily around the hundreds of reviews I have on YouTube to find the right one for you.

Please check out my videos, like and subscribe to Fit2Box Channel and I shall speak to you soon.


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