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Questions and Answers

I am frequently asked a lot of questions on my channel and I always try and answer as many as I can,

here are some of my frequently asked questions:


Question 1 - Do Brands pay for reviews?


Question 2 - Are you bias towards FLY because they are British?

Answer - I am Biased towards ANY brand from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD if their gear is class!🏼

FLY's gear is Class.

Question 3 - How do you work out your Head to Head videos?

Answer - I score each round, sense check each round, then add the scores up and that is the result I film for the video. I DONT have a preconceived winner at the start and engineer the scores to fit.

That WOULD be bias if I did that.

Question 4 - Why did you not show your face when you first started the channel?

Answer - because I didn’t want it to be about me,  I wanted the viewer to be 100% concentrating on the equipment.

Question 5 - Why did you start to show your face in videos?

Answer - The style of my videos was started to be copied by a couple of people, so I had to ‘reveal’ my face to stop that, it was getting difficult to do things like headguard reviews and I wanted to include 'in gym' footage, which was very difficult when I couldn’t show it on my head/face.

Question 6- Why do you feature gear that is copied from other brands?

Answer - There are a tremendous amount of brands copying elements of the big brands work,

(Fg2900 Winning headguard is a great example of this, as MOST other brands try to copy the cheek padding design) 

I always give credit to the innovators and whether on camera or directly to the brands I always encourage them to forge their own path and not just copy others. If I didn’t review it,  some other reviewer would and they might not EVEN MENTION the originals, so I do it to ensure credit is given where due.

If an element of a brands gear is copied then they should enforce their patent to stop the other companies copying. I am an equipment reviewer NOT the Patent police 

Question 7 - What happened with your Haymaker video?

Yes unfortunately I was put in a position where I had to remove the Haymaker video.

I really liked the gloves hence why they appeared on the channel but I received viewers feedback to say

that many of them we’re experiencing some pretty poor service in getting (and sometimes not getting) their gloves. I value my viewers too much to put them in a position where they have a bad experience on the

back of one of my videos and recommendation so I reluctantly removed the video.


It was really disappointing as their gloves were good to be fair and I personally experienced no problem

with customer service but reacted after other viewers alerted me to the situation. I couldn’t on good faith leave the review on channel, given the customer experience viewers were experiencing . A real shame but also an assurance to my viewers, that even if companies have a good enough product to appear on the channel, they must have the customer service to back up their product, otherwise they risk losing the Fit2box channel backing.

A cautionary tale for brands to treat my viewers with the respect they deserve.



Question 8 - At the start of your channel you were really vocal and did quite a few videos about how good Sabas were but no review since March 2018, how come?

Answer - I haven’t had /reviewed any Sabas since March (2018)

All Sabas I have ever had have been of very good standard. I have checked with the owner Pedro, who confirmed to me as stated previously on their website, that SABAS are ALL made in Mexico.

It would be VERY poor if a company claimed ‘Mexican made’ then had their gear made in another country🏼,

although ‘Others’ are stating that Sabas are indeed made in Pakistan but I have no proof of this.

I will say this though,  I don’t review brands that are not totally upfront and honest about their place of manufacture, especially if they lead people to believe they are made in a country of Rich Boxing heritage.

I would love Sabas to come forward with categoric proof that their equipment is indeed made in Mexico, 

to remove the doubt that is out there.

Question 9 - Do you do the reviews for free gear?

Answer - Definitely Not!

Some brands do see it fit for me to keep the gear I review, others request it back and that is totally fine by me, as keeping gear is NOT a prerequisite of me doing a review or me doing a positive review.

I have sent back MANY gloves/equipment that I would love to have kept and I would never do a bad review because a company wanted the gear back. All reviews are my honest, unbiased opinion.

Question 10 - Do you sell the gear after?

Answer - No to be honest, I have had too many people asking about buying gloves but when you go through it with them, they don’t actually want to BUY gloves, they just want me to give them FREE gloves and although I have given people free gear in the past, I cannot give to everyone, so when I do give away gear

it is to boxers at my Amateur Boxing Club.

I don't mean to sound harsh but selling gear just encourages a lot of time wasters and I haven’t got time to waste.

Question 12 - Do you ever refuse to review gear?

Answer - All the time!

If the company sells fake Winning/Grant/Cleto Reyes etc then I won’t review any of their other gear.

If a company is blatantly copying everything from another brand, I will go back to them and encourage them to change their future products. If I test an item and it could injure my viewers, I’m not interested in putting it on my channel and if I have knowledge that the company is not honest or doesn’t treat customers honestly and fairly, again, I won’t feature brands that might lead to a bad experience for my viewers, I value them to much for that.

Question 13 - Do you remove negative comments on YouTube?

Answer - No, but if a comment is abusive or aggressive then I will remove and block people, as I have a great boxing community on my website and I don't need aggressive or abusive people making the channel

a negative one. 


Question14 - What is your Job?

Answer - I am a Full-time Boxing Coach, as well as doing my YouTube channel to help people get the best equipment for them. 

I boxed as an Amateur at Heavyweight and now run Telford ABC (Telford Amateur Boxing Club) as a 

Level 2 England boxing coach, alongside great coaches @ryanbratley and @linzi55x

I have completed many other Boxing qualifications, including:

- Level 2 Box n Burn Academy instructor

- Elite (Level 3) Hatton Academy Boxing instructor

- GB National Boxing awards Non contact Boxing tutor 

As well as being a lead for 'Boxing Hub' app for Boxing equipment (check it out on the App store)

I hope this answers many of your questions and helps to give a better insight into how I think and

why I do what I do.



Thanks for watching My Channel


And I will Speak to you soon



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